Day stocker.
With a maximum capacity of 400 pounds and a flip-back midshelf, the day stocker is ideal for light-duty stocking tasks.

Move Objects More Easily

Facilitate the transportation of heavy objects by using one of Storemen Specialty's durable carts. We manufacture three types of carts: day stockers, stock trucks and produce carts. All carts are composed of 1", 14-gauge tubular steel, which is bent, welded, assembled and painted with a durable green finish. We use industrial-strength, maintenance-free castors that run quietly and smoothly under normal operating conditions

The day stocker (pictured at left) is perfect for light-duty stocking tasks. Its verticality and compact dimensions (27.5" x 15.5" x 50.5") make it ideal for maneuvering through narrow spaces. The day stocker can haul up to 400 pounds; its strong flip-back midshelf can carry up to 200 pounds.

Stock trucks can transport heavy cargo with great ease. The single-shelf stock truck (54" x 18" x 36") can support up to 1000 pounds. The bed rests 11" above ground. The double-shelf stock truck (41" x 18" x 42") is capable of handling up to 500 pounds. The upper shelf is 32" from the ground. Shelf covers for the double-shelf model are available upon request.

Produce carts are designed to carry lettuce crates: the 45" model holds four; the 60" model can hold six. A heavy-duty drip pan is placed on the lower shelf to catch leaking water--this prevents puddles as you wheel your produce throughout the store.

Click here to see pictures and specs for all carts.

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