One Piece or a Whole Store

SSI carries all types of equipment by various brand names, including, but not limited to, Hussman, Hill, Tyler, and Warren Shear. Here is a brief list of items we commonly have in stock:

  • For supermarkets: produce cases, meat cases, bakery cases, frozen food containers...
  • For convenience stores: shelving, ice cream freezers, soda machines...
  • For restaurants: mixers, tables, sinks, ovens, and much, much more!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Is what you need not listed above? We very well may have what you are looking for. SSI has several warehouses brimming with used equipment--nearly 70,000 square feet of storage space. Contact us and find out today if we have what you need.


Refurbished vs. As Is

You can purchase used equipment from us in two forms: (1) refurbished or (2) as is. We obtain thousands of pieces of equipment from various sources. Some pieces of equipment need more work than others, and sometimes damage exists beyond the surface. Because the complete history of used equipment cannot be ascertained, we recommend most retailers allow us to refurbish. Refurbished equipment is steam cleaned, sanded, examined thoroughly for flaws, electrostatically painted (if needed), and inspected by qualified technicians. We guarantee all refurbished equipment will be in good working condition when installed according to accepted refrigeration standards by a qualified refrigeration company.

If you are an equipment dealer or you have refurbishment capabilities of your own, you may opt to buy used equipment as is. We give you the equipment in the same condition we received it. There are absolutely no guarantees or warranties on used equipment bought as is.


Refurbished Equipment

If needed, used equipment is sanded and repainted.

It is amazing what a little tender care and expertise can do to a used piece of equipment. Our crew labors meticulously to make used equipment look and function like new. Click here to take a gander at some before and after photos.


Getting Rid of Equipment?

We may be interested. If you are renovating, going out of business, or having an auction, please let us know. We're always looking for good used equipment to add to our inventory.

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